Getting Started

New to Python?

You need to have Python installed on your system before you can use this package. Head over to for instructions.

Python version support

Officially Python 3.7, 3.8, and 3.9. We aim to support the three most recent major versions.

OS support

This package is tested with the latest Windows, MacOS, and Ubuntu (Linux) versions.


datareservoirio can be installed via pip from PyPI.

pip install datareservoirio


datareservoirio can be upgraded via pip from PyPI.

pip install --upgrade datareservoirio


Your data may be your most valued treasure and security is no laughing matter! At least we take it very seriously. Every API call requires authentication and every bit of data (pun intended) requires authorization to access.

Before you can start to use, you need to be able to authenticate. If your organization is granted access via federation, then you may use your prefered method to authenticate as it is done within your organization. For single user access, contact us and we will hook you up.

For non-interactive applications (daemons), you would need a set of client_id and client_secret. Contact us and we will help you.